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Select one of our packages below for domain registrations, setting up of unlimited e-mail accounts and databases via cPanel.

Free SSL certificate included.

Recommended for: For small websites such as personal blogs.
Recommended for: Those starting a business or small website who need bigger mailboxes.
Recommended for: Medium-sized websites and small e-commerce stores.
Recommended for: Larger websites and e-commerce stores.
Recommended for: Medium to large businesses requiring extra space and e-commerce capabilities.


High-speed SSD Storage

Instant Activation

cPanel Control Panel

Free SSL Certificate

Unlimited E-mail Accounts

Unlimited MySQL Databases

Unlimited FTP Accounts

Unlimited Traffic



PHP 7.x



A domain name like www.your-company-name.co.za is a website address that people will use to find you on the internet.
The domain name is the foundation of your website (www.your-company-name.co.za) as well as your email address (me@your-company-name.co.za), using a well thought up domain name allows your customers to identify and remember you more easily on the Web.
Two benefits of using your own domain name is that regardless of how many times you change your website hosting provider, your email and website address will always remain the same. 
It also creates a more professional image than a generic Gmail / Hotmail address.
Registering your domain name now ensures that you own the domain name that may not otherwise be available when you want it.
Once registered, the domain name is yours, provided the domain renewal fees are paid each year.

Hosting services are activated immediately once payment has been received.

New domain registrations occur within 24 – 48 hours.

Providing we get full co-operation from your current host the maximum period of a transfer is 7 days.

Transferring your domain to Creative Graphics
Please note that your current ISP may not release your domain/domain information until your account has been settled.

To ensure the minimum amount of downtime for your business/website, we require the following for setup on our servers:

  • Advise your current ISP that you will be transferring your domain to Creative Graphics.
  • FTP details
  • A copy of your Database (where applicable)
  • Authorization Code (if applicable)
  • Unlocking of the Domain (if applicable)
  • Email addresses that you require.

When transferring your domain from Creative Graphics
Please give our accounts department (admin@creativegraphics.co.za) a calendar month’s notice and ensure that your account is paid up. Thereafter, you will need to liaise with your new hosting provider and get further instructions from them.

NB: Should you transfer your domain to another ISP, please remember to ensure that you cancel all your Creative Graphics services pertaining to it. Creative Graphics runs on an automated billing system and will not automatically cancel any services associated with a customer’s account.


Fees for transferring a domain
Transferring a local domain (e.g. .co.za) is currently, free of charge. However, transferring an international domain (e.g. .com) usually incurs a fee. The fee can be in the format of paying an annual renewal fee at the time of transfer.

If you are a home user wanting a personal website, we recommend our Lite Web Hosting Package.
If you are considering starting a business, we recommend our Standard Web Hosting Package.
If you are a small business looking to host your company website with email addresses, our Pro Web Hosting Package should be suitable for your business needs.
If you are looking to host directories, e-commerce websites, forums, or simply just require more space and resources, then our Business or Premium Web Hosting Packages should be suitable.

Should you require a custom made package then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hosting services are forward-billed ie payment is required upfront for the coming month. We accept payment via EFT or through PayFast.

Our Website Hosting Packages will give you everything you need to host your personal or company website. All packages include fast SSD (Solid State Drive) storage, unlimited traffic and a free SSL certificate to help you secure your presence online.
All hosting packages include the Award Winning website hosting control panel called cPanel. cPanel will allow you to manage all aspects of your website hosting package from the creating of email accounts, managing databases, backing up your website and viewing of your website statistics. Don’t worry if you get stuck – we’re always willing to assist you.

SSD’s (Solid State Drives) are the next generation of hard drives which have no moving parts, use less power, and are up to 500% faster than a traditional mechanical hard drives.

The result: Your website runs lightning fast providing a satisfying user experience.

Customer satisfaction is our aim and as such, we allow you a great deal of flexibility.
You can upgrade or downgrade your website hosting package at any time. You may simply do it yourself in the Client Zone or call us if you require assistance. For cancellations, you’ll need to provide us with a calendar month’s notice.

We provide you with a free cPanel Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificate.

Got a question that hasn’t been answered above? Send us a message – we’re ready to help you.