How to save money when printing

Want to keep the cost of your print job low? Here are a few tips from designers and printers on how to get more value for moeny from your next project.

Consider paper stock options
Give yourself more than one choice for paper. Why? Because many papers require a minimum number of sheets purchased. This may not be cost effective when running a small quantity and the cost must be passed on to the customer.

Plan your printing in advance
When possible, allow ample amount of production time to print your next printing project. When unreasonable deadlines are to be met, press-production overtime has to be figured into production costs. This can affect the price by as much as 20-30%. REMEMBER: Try to stay away from: ‘I need it yesterday”! Ordering paper in advance and planning press schedules will save RUSH charges.

Bleeds & Pantone Colors
One way to save money is to have a 5 – 10mm white border around your artwork. Ink bleeding to the edge requires a larger sheet of paper and has to be cut down to give it the “off the edge” look. Also, if your artwork must match a color exactly there are usually extra match charges involved. If this is not an issue for you, printers will gladly come as close as they can to the color.

Be realistic – simplify it
Don’t go to a printer with a “vague” idea of what you want. Why? Time is money. If you spend two hours consulting with a production person or designer, your fee will be adjusted to reflect the time spent on your project. What to do? Prepare your material in advance. Know what quantities are needed. Consider ahead of time – ink colours, papers, postage requirements (if necessary), date needed and your budget.

Know what you want to say
Design costs seem to baffle customers at final billing stages. Design charges are based on time. The closer your initial idea actually is to the final product, the less time it will take to put together. Less time means less money. What to do? Make a small layout for yourself. Do your creative writing before you get to the printer. Write out everything clearly and legibly. Check your spelling and punctuation. A designer will make recommendations or suggest better ways to get your message across, but you should not expect them to know what you want to say. The more you do from your side, the more money you will save.

Always ask for a Proof
A proof charge is an additional charge that is worth its weight in gold. By checking the proof for content and color, and signing off on the approval tag, this will indicate to the Printer that everything is OK to print as per proof, thus helping to eliminate mistakes. The advantage of using digital technology is that one can have an actual sample of your job printed on the required material before the actual production process starts. Transferring artwork should be EASY, make sure you find a printer that has easy online methods to transfer any sized artwork without the hassle.

Size of printed piece
The size of your job can determine your price. Why? Standard size postcards, flyers, invoices, etc. can be run so that we maximize the number of pieces per sheet of paper. Also, your postage costs can be significantly reduced if you use standard postcard sizes.

Colour sells
Get on board and perk up that ‘old’ printing and add some colour to it. You will be amazed how reasonable it is to go first class. With the advent of digital printing, using colour is now affordable and effective.

Don’t be shy
Tell the company if you have a particular budget you need to stay within. We can help you stay within those boundaries.

Look for a professional printer, rather than a quick copy
Look for experience, knowledgeable customer service, and exceptional value first or you will end up paying in the long run.

From concept to design to digital and offset printing, we take pride in producing a superior printing job. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and stand behind our quality and service. We aim to make your experience quick, easy and cost-effective.

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