Case study: Brand Development – Hair Frizz Beauty Bar

Case study: Brand Development – Hair Frizz Beauty Bar

Brand design is a collaborative process. As a designer, my job is to take the information gained from speaking to a client and applying the filter of experience. I don’t give the client what they ask for, I give them what they need. 

In mid September 2017, Tiffany Pieterse informed us that the salon where she was employed would be closing down at the end of the month. Asked what she planned to do, she replied that she wanted to start her own business. We immediately offered to help her to get her venture off the ground.

This is the story of how Hair Frizz Beauty Bar started.

Client Brief

The process kicked off with only the following request “the logo must have turquoise in it”.

The rest was up to us.

We agreed that the process would proceed as follows: (1) Logo development; (2) Facebook page & Instagram account establishment; (3) price list design; (4) business card; (5) gift voucher and (6) packaging design. As marketing would be done by means of social media, we agreed that a website was not necessary at this point.

But time was not on our side, as Hair Frizz had to be operational by the start of October 2017 – a mere 2 weeks away. Since we’re at our best under pressure, we got to work immediately.

Logo development 

Armed with “the logo must have turquoise in it”, a number of designs were proposed using 80% Black for the name to created a relaxed, yet professional image. Tiffany decided she preferred the design with the scissors in it.  

Social media marketing

The next step was to setup up a Facebook page and an Instagram account.

It was decided that the best channels to use for marketing would be Facebook and Instagram primarily for their age groups: Instagram with a younger age group and Facebook with a slightly older market, with an overlap in between.   

Special offers were posted on various Facebook groups in the Cape Town Northern Suburbs areas, mainly focussing on Hair Frizz’s target area, Brackenfell. Facebook Page Likes rose quickly, purely from organic advertising. By the end of November, the page had 79 Likes.

A competition was held during December where prospects could win a hair makeover by simply liking and sharing the Facebook page. Within 2 days Likes jumped from 79 to 143. By the end of December, Hair Frizz had 164 followers. At present, page Likes total 199 – all from organic advertising. The cost? Only a bit of time taken sharing the adverts on groups.

Special offers are sent out on a monthly basis.      

Next on the list of requirements was a Price List, Business card, Gift Voucher and Packaging design, as can be seen in the photo gallery.  


The increase in business brought with it a new challenge: not being able to take calls and bookings whilst treating a client.

Enter Setmore.

Setmore is a free appointment booking application that can be integrated with a Facebook page, WordPress, Joomla or Drupal website – to mention but a few. Highly customizable, it allows a user to create a price list, specify business hours and take bookings from clients. Bookings can be synchronized with Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar. As prices are specified with the booking, a tally is kept of turnover for the week or month. It is ideal for Doctors, Massage Therapists, Spas, Chiropractors or Beauty Salons – in fact anyone who works via appointments. 

The Setmore app is available for Android and iOS. 

A profile was set up so that clients could book through the Facebook page by clicking on the  “Book Now” button, selecting their treatments, date and time  and filling in their details. Appointments are recorded in a diary and a notification email gets sent to the Hair Frizz employee. 

If you think your business doesn’t need Social Media Marketing, think again. 

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